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2858.285.toiletFlushing toilets with drinking water seems such a waste. Luckily, Australian toilet manufacturers have led the way in reducing the amount of water needed for flushing. Dual flush toilets are common, and over time they have become even more water efficient. Prior to the introduction of dual flush toilets, water use was about 55 litres per day per person. Each day a 3-star toilet will save about 37.5 litre per person compared to an 11-litre toilet. In one year this is 13,687 litres!


The Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme (WELS) shows the consumption of water by appliances. The label gives products and appliances a star rating from one to six and also provides a number that shows the comparative water consumption in litres. The labels will be on the product or packaging to allow you to compare when you are purchasing.


If you already have a single flush toilet and cannot purchase a dual flush water efficient product, placing a brick or large bottle of water in your cistern will reduce the amount of money used per flush.

If you are connected to mains water the Victorian Government offers a $50 rebate for installing a dual-flush toilet.


Consider using greywater or rainwater to flush your toilet. A plumber can install either system with relative ease if consulted early in the build. By placing a manual switch at the pipes in the toilet, you can switch to your backup source of water (mains water or rainwater) should your main source run out. You need a certified plumber to install this for you so that the different streams have no opportunity for cross contamination but you do not need EPA approval.


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