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TVs, DVDs & entertainment equipment

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tv285x285Tips to save energy


Turn appliances off at the power point when not in use.   

Many appliances such as DVD players, TVs, stereos and computers use electricity called 'standby power' when they are not being used, if they are left switched on at the power point.

Standby power accounts for as much as 10% of household energy bills.


Turn off appliances at the power point.

To make things easier, place multiple appliances on a single or multiple switch powerboard to avoid hard-to-reach spots and reduce the number of switches to flick.


Turn off computer monitors

Set your computer to enter 'sleep' mode after a certain period of inactivity and turn the computer monitor off when you're not using it, even for a short time.


Choose an LED backlit LCD monitor

Choose an LED backlit LCD as they generally use less energy.


Don't super-size your telly

A simple rule of thumb is the bigger the TV, the more energy it will use. Indeed, some larger TV models use more energy to run than a standard-sized fridge.

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