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Anthony has lived and worked in Kinglake for thirty years and is a highly experienced timber artisan.


After the fire when his home was completely destroyed, Anthony thought carefully about how to recover a good amount of partially burned trees that were of sufficient quality to assist with future rebuilding.


He set about collecting this, and as a result he and others have now inspired the development of a community sawmill in Kinglake which will enable re-use of timber that otherwise would have gone to landfill.285anthony


Over 50 locals are gaining work experience at the community sawmill, and the Mens Shed eagerly awaits arrival of timber which will be used to support a range of timber working skills programs.


When Anthony turned his mind to rebuilding, everyone knew it would be special.


He designed the home himself, taking care especially about perfect passive solar positioning and use sustainable and resilience materials.


In this video, Anthony shares the vision for how his plan will come out of the ground by the end of 2010.


His engineer has advised Anthony that his home is likely to be rated at 9 stars - so we can't wait to see how cool, warm, low cost and lovely it will be!


On his block the timber has been patiently waiting for this day, and now its all about to happen

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The best way to learn about rebuilding more sustainably is from people who have done it already!


Soon we will be rolling out the Build It Back Green website functionality, and asking you to tell us about your rebuilding experiences and the journey you are on to be more sustainable.

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Anthony Smith, resident of Kinglake, talks about building his new Nine Star Home in the aftermath of Black Saturday.

Anthony talks to Green Cross Australia's CEO Mara Bun about fitting out the home he is rebuilding after the Black Saturday bushfires with local timber.


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