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Building Green
Building Green

Rebuilding can be an overwhelming journey, but chosing sustainable options doesn't have to be.

Living Green
Living Green

Green living is relevant for all Australians as we confront pressing 21st century environmental stresses.

What is Build It Back Green?

Sustainable solutions for disaster affected communities

Build It Back Green is a new global movement which recognises that scientific predictions of more intense severe weather are becoming a reality. Each major event offers the opportunity to break the greenhouse emissions cycle if we rebuild with a reduced carbon footprint. This website has been designed to help Victorian communities recovering from the Black Saturday bushfires to build their homes back in an affordable and sustainable manner.


The goal of Build It Back Green is to make you aware of the lowest cost green rebuilding techniques, focusing on energy efficiency, water savings and indoor air quality. As other extreme weather events occur around Australia, this website will grow and as stories are shared, and knowledge gained, we hope to make sustainable rebuilding the norm.


SVlogo2Green Cross Australia would like to thank the

Victorian Government Sustainability Fund for making

Build It Back Green possible.


GBCA300Green Cross Australia also values the contribution of our major partner the Green Building Council of Australia.

Eco-resilience Tips

Recessed downlights are like having holes in your ceiling. They let a lot of heat escape in winter. But now you can buy isolators that sit over the fitti...

Boiling water with an electric kettle or gas cooker generates about half as much greenhouse gas as a microwave oven or an electric stove. You can save even...

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Our changing climate

Curious about climate change?

The weather makes for great casual conversation. Everyone relates to hot, wet, chilly or humid experiences.  We all experience constantly changing weather conditions. But how much do you really know about the science of climate change and extreme weather? Find out the facts and make up your mind!



On the ground

Real community stories

  • Matt

    Matt is a Kinglake local builder who has studied sustainability and was developing a local green practice before the bushfires.

  • Kristen

    Kristen was keen to support the women of Flowerdale after the bushfires, to build morale and have fun in the thick of so many challenges. So she started giving belly dancing classes!


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Latest videos

Andrew Ash, Director of CSIRO's Climate Adaptation Flagship talks to Mara Bun, CEO of Green Cross Australia about the severe heat climate models and community and infrastructure risk.

The Build It Back Green team get a tour of Flowerdale and the rebuilding progress that has been made since Black Saturday, February 9th 2009.


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